Music and Entertainment

Nomako has a spacious dance floor for you and your guests to enjoy. We have an in house DJ who provides music in the chapel, background music in the waiting area and music in the reception hall.  We are passionate about music and want to make sure that the music played meets your expectations.  Microphones are also provided for speeches and lights for that late night effect.  We look forward to contribute to your special day in this regard.


Nomako has a variety of food and drinks to choose from.We have an amazing waiting area where guests can enjoy starters and drinks.  Food is one of the important elements during a wedding which enjoys attention at Nomako, as we want to help make your day special.  Contact us for more information about our menu and beverages list.

Wedding Planning

We have our own wedding coordinator and decorator.
We also specialize in unique flower arrangements and décor, every little detail is important to us as this is our passion.
We will help to reflect your own personal ideas and style and will it be our privilege to help you create a memorable day.