Directions / Map


The gravel road from Parys to Nomako is 15km.  Please take into consideration that if you travel by car it will take approximately 30 minutes, as you have to drive slow.


  • Exit Parys on the Vredefort (R59) road.
  • Turn right on the Schoemansdrift road after Vaal de Gráce.
  • Continue for 7,2 km - you will pass Dimalachite Adventures on the right.
  • Just after Dimalachite you will approach a T-junction – turn right.
  • Follow the road for approximately 2,5km.
  • You will pass Komandonek on your left hand and then Hadeda Creek on your right.
  • Approximately 1,4km from Hadeda Creek there is a T-junction on your right hand.
  • Turn right and follow the road for approximately 2km.
  • You will pass The Nutcracker on your right.
  • Continue up the the main entrance of Hakuna Matata.
  • Drive through Hakuna Matata (if the gate is closed, just open it) for approximately 1 km.
  • Turn into Nomako’s gate on your right hand and just follow the road.